Sunday 21 July 2013

Sleeping Palace Sparkle Explosion

Hey friends (and random strangers)!
So I’m sorry I’ve been a bad blogger. I think I just needed a little mental break. But I’m back!
& today I’ve got another A England inspired post to share.


I wore these to the Show & Shine which is a vintage car show that lets people showcase their fabulous cars while I walk around and try not to drool too much. Seriously people, there’s nothing like amazing cars with holographic paint jobs.
Since I knew that this would be a pretty festive experience, I wanted to ensure that my digits were looking snazzy. 


I used Sleeping Palace as my base colour. Then I did strips of Rose Bower, Briarwood, and Briar Rose.
Then (because well.. I can’t say no to sparkles) I added Top Shop – Razzmatazz at the base of my nail.

I was really happy with these – especially with how holographic they were in the sun! 
Nothing beats a holo mani while your hanging out with some of your favourite people.


Next up: a mani resulting from the Show & Shine. It’s a good one, I swear.

Much Love, D

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