Friday 6 June 2014

Green Tea

Hey there!
So last week I had the most desperate desire for high tea.
I knew that there was only one person who would truly understand so
I hit up Gee from In Jeeb We Trust, and we decided to try out a
new spot rather than our usual hideout on Main Street.
And how was it? Well it was quite possibly the girliest place I've ever been to.
Pink everything. Soft music. The most precious tea set with all the right accessories.
And the food was seriously outstanding. Best cucumber sandwich I've ever had in my life!
If you live in Vancity and love a unique tea experience definitely try out Patisserie Fur Elise.
Then take photos and share them and make me insanely jealous.

Now onto the manicure I wore!

China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer // Wet n' Wild - Bird Bath
Maybelline -Bold Gold // BM - 318

I really love this shade of green. Neon fantastic without being too garish. 
I think it also works nicely with Bird Bath.

I get kind of a Hawaiian t-shirt vibe. What do you think?

So that's it!
Have a great weekend!
I'll see you Monday.

xo, D.

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