Wednesday 29 June 2016

Nicole Diary Water Decals Review

*Products provided for review*

Hello again!

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post.
I've mainly been focusing on IG (@dagadelic) and FB (@dagadelic).
But! I received some items for review from Nicole Diary and
figured it would be best to compile all the photos in one spot.
This post is a bit picture heavy so get ready!

Nicole Diary 02

This was the first decal I tried. I did a base of Zoya - Snow White. 

Half the images had an opaque background and the other half had a clear background.
Both were easy to work with and showed up nicely over my base.

Nicole Diary 34

For this decal I did a base of KB Shimmer - Leggo my Mango.
Again, half the package was opaque and the other half was clear.
I find neon oranges to be notoriously hard to photograph... but the image
below is my left hand and these are the decals with the clear base. 

Nicole Diary 05


Out of all the decals, these are probably the ones I had the most trouble with.
The images kept folding over on the clear decals; on the opaque ones they just didn't stretch as well.
I'm hoping this was just user error. I probably should've been more patient.
The base for these was Zoya - Brittany.

Nicole Diary 09

For this mani I decided to skittle the clear and the opaque decals.
I did a base of Wet n' Wild - Bird Bath.
These one's applied really well. I was done in record time.

Nicole Diary 22

Last but not least - 22! This mani was probably my favourite of the bunch.
Tropical greatness! I did a base of  Nubar - Sour Apple.
All the decals in this pack had a clear base.
The toucans were a little hard to work with at first because they're so small
but it's best to just go slow. Or put two on one nail like I did. No one will be the wiser!


Over all I was very impressed with the quality of these decals.
The images are great - all very opaque.
All the excess image around your nail comes off very easily with a little bit of pressure.
Basically - if your base is tacky, anything that's not attached to it will come off nicely.

The only thing that bothered me about these decals is that you couldn't get
a full ten digit manicure with the same background. For that you would have to order two packages.
The only one that wasn't like that was 22.

But having said that...

I totally recommend these. Fun, easy, and totally affordable.
You can purchase these decals from either Nicole Diary's Amazon shop or
their Aliexpress shop. If you buy anything be sure to use my code: Da2016 for a $2-$5 gift.

xo, D.

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