Sunday 6 January 2013

December Nails 2012 Theme 11: Inspired by Fireworks

Hey everyone!

So here it is, the last one! 
I can't believe I made it through with only one theme accidentally forgotten.
I feel like this past month was definitely a hardcore introduction to blogging for me. 
But I'm so glad I set out the goal and achieved it.
This theme was a lot of fun. 
I wanted something flashy and festive because I knew I wanted 
to end the year with a banging manicure.
I started off with a base of China Glaze - Midtown Magic
I love this polish, it looks so beautiful just on it's own. 
Then I topped it off with stripes of both  
Color Club - Cloud Nine and Top Shop - Razzmatazz 
fanning out from my cuticles.
I was super duper happy with the results so I hope you like it.
Please feel free to comment and follow my blog!

oh! and if you're looking for more nail blogs please check out In Jeeb We Trust.
One of my dearest friends just started her own personal nail blog 
so give her some love and check her out.
She's also been featured on my blog before so you know she has good nail taste!


1 comment:

  1. I absolutely LOVE these nails! You ended the year and your challenge so well. So damn pretty I can't get over it.


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