Wednesday 19 December 2012

December Nails 2012 Theme 5: Holiday Gradient

Hello lovelies.

So I know I've been a very bad blogger and I take full responsibility for my absence.
& as a reward for your patience you will be getting blog posts 3 days in a row!!

So here is my holiday gradient. 
For some reason the camera was just not doing these nails any justice. 
They were uber sparkly and fun in reality I swear.

You may have also noticed that I skipped theme 4... 
it was a mistake, I just completely forgot to look at my 
calendar and as a result I missed it. But I'm going to try 
and squeeze it in somewhere. More to come on that.

Any who here they are. Comment if you like and follow me! :)


Products Used:
Revlon Quick Dry Top and Base Coat
Base: Essie - School of Hard Rocks
Middle Shade: Zoya - Edyta
Top Shade: Zoya - Logan

1 comment:

  1. Damn, they did look super fly in person. I can vouch for that! Too bad.
    I want to see a full nail of Logan one day! :)


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