Monday 19 May 2014

Blue Lagoon

Hey friends! Happy Monday.

It's a long weekend here in beautiful British Columbia.
Yesterday I went out for a hike with my parents and took in some mother nature at Rice Lake. 
When I was younger I had a passion for climbing rocks and traversing ravens.
I can clearly remember climbing up a huge stack of rocks to get to a small little island while my granny freaked out.
I don't do it as much now but the need to go on long walks and discover new places has never left.
 I'm always trying to discover a new place in this city. 

Joe Fresh - Lagoon // Nothern Lights Holographic Topcoat
O.P.I - Matte Top Coat // Fadzone Nail Art Decoration 

I was immediately smitten with this polish. 3 thin easy coats and it was perfect.
I was expecting a lighter blue but this was so much better. And I love the name!

I ordered this great pack of 1200 simple nail art decorations (you can find them here)
and I wanted to compare the ivory and white pearls. To add a bit more whimsy I also added a cute little bow. 

Feel free to leave your comments below!
I'm off now to meet up with my favourite guy and to enjoy what's left of this weekend.
See you Friday.

xo, D.  

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