Monday 5 May 2014

Pink Teacup

Hey there!

Today's post is inspired by a teacup I received from my mom way back when for my sixteenth birthday.
Here's the pattern on the rim of the cup and of the saucer. Dainty and delicate, no?

L'oreal - I Pink I'm In Love // Maybelline - Bold Gold

I received this pink as a super early birthday gift from my childhood best friend who
came back home for a week. When I came home I had tea in this tea/saucer set and the idea sparked.

The formula of this polish was a little watery but it was fairly easy to work with.
And I love this shade of pink. Lady-like glamour. 

 Thanks for stopping by friends. Hope your week goes smoothly.
See you Friday!

xo, D.

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