Friday 23 May 2014

Palace Typography

Hey there!
Not much to babble about today so we're just going to get into the good stuff right away.
I decided to make another entry into the MoYou Instagram challenge, so here's my entry for Day 23 - Typography.

A England - King Arthur // A England - Sleeping Palace
A England - Jane Eyre // MoYou - Suki 05 // Essie - Set in Stones

Keeping with the literary theme I decided to pick polishes with some literary history behind them
(excluding Set in Stones - that was just for some sparkle). I love the contrast between King Arthur and Sleeping Palace.
Silver and purple were made for each other. I also think King Arthur and Aurora would get along.
She needed a hero and he had a table full of them. 

As soon as I saw the list of themes I knew I had to use this pattern from my Suki 05 plate. To be honest I never saw myself
using it before but I think it really works with this look. I think it looks like ancient scripture.

So that's it for today! 
Let me know what you think.

xo, D.

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