Thursday 30 May 2013

7 Deadly Sins Challenge: Wrath

Hello there!
So I’m back from the dead, or as I like to call it “I-finally-got-my-laptop-back-from-that-place-that-repairs-them-praised-be-baby-Jesus”. My entire cooling system needed to be replaced. I understand why – I mean I’ve had my lap top for almost 4 years now – I just didn’t realize it would take so long. At first the man with the Russian accent said “okay, we’ll look at it and call you.” Then he called & said “So your cooling system needs replacing. We have to ship the part and it might take up to two weeks.” TWO FREAKIN WEEKS!! I wanted to cry. Luckily I only had to wait a week, but I still suffered from severe blogging withdrawal. And let me just say that using someone else’s lap top did not help. It just made me want mine more. Needless to say I was beyond happy when he called. This is what I sent a friend after I picked it up: “I finally got my laptop back (insert dancing emoticon) I was hugging it like it was my child that had been at camp for a week.”  Now you know my brain a little more.

Finally I get to blog. For my first day back I wanted to show you what I did for wrath for the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge. I choose to combine day 9 and 10 because I had my graduation that week (pssttt! upcoming mani) and I wouldn’t have time to do that many manicures in a week. So here are the prompts: “Day 9: Get mad trying, again, that technique you know it's going to be a fail” + “Day 10: Find something that blows your top and express it with your art!”

The technique that I chose to use was splatter. I’ve tried doing it on more than one occasion and it was just not happening, but I decided to give it another go (this was number 3 I’m pretty sure) because In Jeeb We Trust does the most amazing splatters and I just wanted to try and see if I could even manage to do one nail. Here they are:



To fulfill the day 10 aspect I had to think a little bit. I ended up using Translink (which is the name of the public transportation system where I live) as the thing that blows my top. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to take a bus/skytrain anywhere in the city. I just wish that all the idiotic things that happen to me while I’m on the bus would stop. If you’ve ever taken public transit then you will understand. 


In any case, I used Translink’s colours so that the theme would be meet. Recently the buses were somewhat updated. Example. So the colours I went with were grey, yellow, dark blue, black, & a bit of white.
(If you'd like to know any of the names of the polishes just comment below.)


So there you go! First post back and I’ve already bombarded you with text.
It’s just because I missed you, I swear. Remember to check out the other ladies!


P.S. In case you noticed that I skipped day 8: not only was the theme sloth but the prompt said “only if you want”. I didn’t want. So I skipped it and embraced my slothy side.

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