Saturday 20 September 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014 Day 20: Water Marble

Zoya - Bevin / Natty / Logan

Day 20 - Water Marble.
Perhaps the most intimidating nail art technique out there.
Lots of mess, lots of work. Well at least for me.
Don't get me wrong - I LOVE a good water marble. I just find I usually have a hard time.
So this time I prepared - I left both filtered and tap water out for over 24 hours.
I was even feeling excited. And then I started - and everything went wrong :(
It was just not a good day to marble I guess.

I'm still pleased with what I achieved, even though it took an incredible amount of work.
Perhaps it doesn't look like a typical WM, but I think it definitely looks like a slab of marble.
I can imagine this on a coffee table or on a kitchen counter.

My thumb was perfect until I smudged it. Like I said, everything went wrong. 

Overall I think it's okay. I could've done better but oh well. On to the next.
Damn water marbling.

Stop by tomorrow for inspired "By a Color".

xo, D.

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