Thursday 4 September 2014

31 Nail Art Challenge 2014 Day 4: Green

As soon as I saw that the prompt for day 4 was green I knew I had to pull
out a special polish that I've been dying to try. 

Indigo Bananas - Green Glow
Zoya - Neely + Hunter // MoYou London - Suki Plate 05

I love love love how the glow works on this bad boy.
The formula is a little thick but it's still really easy to work with.
It charged really fast and the glow was very bright.

In the daylight this mani was green on green. 
Hunter stamped like a dream and she gave me just what I needed - contrast.

I did my thumb a little askew so you could see more of the plate pattern.

 Day 4 is complete! I'm ecstatic with these.
For me the best part is that they look like little green One Ups *.*
Let me know what you think! & I'll see you tomorrow with "Blue".

xo, D.

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