About Me

My name is Dagmara.

I'm a twenty three year old with a special love for all things beauty.
I'm a Canadian girl who is also undeniably a Polak and proud of it.
If you're into astrology then you should know I'm a Leo with Virgo rising.
I believe in positive thinking, love, and laughter.
My cocktail of choice is a Long Island Iced Tea but I have never said no to a blended margarita.

I mainly focus on nail art and every design has a reason and a story.
I would describe my style as girly and graphic.
I'm not afraid of colour, and I love to discover new brands.

Feel free to follow and comment.
Blogs are about expressing and connecting, so your voice is important.
Thank you for taking the time to delve into my world.

 xo, D.

Like many bloggers who really love their blog I hate getting spam comments.
So if you'd like to get in contact with me or if you'd like for me to
come check out your blog (and I totally will!) just email me at dagmarasuszczynska@gmail.com

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