Sunday 31 March 2013

A Blu Easter

Hello again.
Just wanted to do a quick post about the nails I wore for Easter weekend.
I was helping my mom out with cleaning and such so they took a bit of a 
beating before I actually got around to posting so 
they're not perfect (but hopefully you can forgive me).

I used Zoya - Blu for the base colour. 
I put a coat of Topshop - Razzmatazz on my ring fingers.
& the dots were created using A England - Saint George
Color Club - Eternal Beauty & Zoya - Edyta.

Overall my Easter weekend was good, spent it mostly with family.
My favourite part was seeing my little goddaughter.
She has so much zest and energy.
She also told me I have beautiful hair & that she thought my nails were pretty. 
*insert blushing Dagmara here*
How could you not love a kid like that?

Hope you all had a great weekend and if you're lucky enough 
to still have the day off tomorrow, like I do, I hope you spend it wisely. 
I'll probably be on my bike again somewhere enjoying the sunshine.

Until next time,


Wednesday 27 March 2013

Holographic Divergence

Hey all!

Hope everyone's week is going well. 
I'm assuming most of you are counting down to Easter weekend just like I am. 
I'll be getting fat all weekend but that's okay. 
Easter is like Christmas for my family. Except there's no presents.
When you get down to it the presents aren't really what Christmas is about (or so they say). 
But I did cheat a little though...I got myself a present. 
I ordered 3 of the new Color Club Holographic polishes last week 
and they arrived a few days ago so I had to try them out.

I had seen In Jeeb We Trust do a divergence manicure (this one) that 
was inspired by another blogger's post (seen here). 
I decided to run with this awesome technique and use my new polishes. 

I used all three of my new holos.
From left to right Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty, & Cosmic Fate.
All it took was some tape and a little patience.
But not too much patience!
These polishes have an awesome super fast drying time.

I'm so glad I ended up trying this technique because
the results are totally worth the minimal effort I had to put in. 

It was really hard to capture just how holographic these polishes
are but trust me, these are AMAZEBALLS in the sun.
I think my favourite of the 3 polishes is Cosmic fate (bottle below).
I've never seen a colour quite like this and I was so 
happy it looked better than it did in the bottle.

But who am I kidding, I love all of them!
So perfect for the warmer weather we've been having lately.
I'll have to be careful when I go on my bike ride that I don't get distracted by the awesome glimmer.

That's all for now friends!
Next post is likely to be up Sunday afternoon.
Until next time.


Monday 25 March 2013

Lava Lamp Gradient

So over the weekend I wasn't feeling like doing intense nail art.
Instead I drew inspiration from my lava lamp.
I received this lava lamp (moody picture below) as a gift this 
past Christmas & I am still in love with it.
The lamp gradiates from an orange to a purply-pink.
The picture doesn't do it justice.

I used Sation - Love at First Lavendar for the purple
& Essie - Tart Deco for the corally orange.

I love gradients, they're so simple but they have an amazing effect.
Tart Deco is a little harsh for my skin colour but I still love the results.
What do you think?

That's all for now friends.
Hope your Monday doesn't suck.
Until next time!

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Mossy Turtle

Hey everyone!

The last few days have been really trying mentally and academically.
I've written two papers already and I still have two more 
that I need to write before the end of the month.
So this manicure was done as an escape from responsibility.

I used Revlon Colorstay - Spanish Moss as the base coat 
& then I used A England - Saint George for the stamp.

This was my third attempt at a manicure that day. 
The first two ideas were abandoned because they were just not working. 
So I let them be and decided on this later in the day.
I was really pleased with attempt 3.

& then the next day I accidentally ended up wearing a 
green sweater that went perfectly with my nails.
It made me feel like it was worth all the effort.
Best part: they remind me of a turtle's shell.

Anywho that's all for now.
Hopefully your week is less stressful than mine and that 
where ever you are there is sunshine making your day brighter.

Friday 15 March 2013

Neely on St.Patty's

Hello friends!
Like I promised today's post is for Saint Patrick's Day.
I won't be celebrating this year because I have quite a bit of school work
but I never pass up an opportunity for a themed mani.

For this look I decided to finally use my Zoya - Neely as the base coat.
Neely has a fantastic formula and is an awesome creme.
I also used green glitter, Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - Gold Silk,
& the black from my Quo stripper.

I did all of this free hand and I'm really glad I pushed myself
because I was pleased with the result.

What do you think? Is it festive enough?

Hopefully your weekend won't be spent in front of
your computer doing work like mine will be.
Until next time!


Wednesday 13 March 2013

Zoya London Swatch & Mani

Hey everyone!

Apologies for not posting much in the past few days.
Things have been a little hectic and I was unable to post this earlier.

First off I wanted to show you one of Zoya's Pixie Dusts.
I was beyond excited to work with these since I heard so 
many great things and, of course, the swatches I saw were beautiful.
I purchased London (seen below) and Godiva (which I'll be using in a future post). 
I wore the nail art mani first but wanted to be able to see 
the full effect of the pixie dust so I have been wearing this the past few days.

London is beautiful. It's a dusty grey that really sparkles.
If I had to recommend one collection to try out this year it would definitely be the pixie dusts.
Especially the upcoming spring collection.
I applied this without base coat as is recommended and there's no top coat. 
I feel like if you're going to go for the textured polish why would you even bother covering it up? 

Next up is a mani I did for a concert I went to this past weekend.
I used China Glaze - Hey Doll, Zoya - London, and a Quo stripper in black. 

My boyfriend gave me this idea and I really like it.
Not too complex but still looks interesting.

Well that's all for now.
Next post will be a Saint Patty's Day mani.
Hopefully what I have planned turns out.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!


Wednesday 6 March 2013

Zesty Sunday Funday

Hey all!

This mani is a fun one - literally.
InJeebWeTrust recently bought some super cute 
fruit decals and she was kind enough to share with me.
So I was thinking about which one to use 
and I just could not resist the grapefruit slices.
Then I realized I had a stamping plate that had fruits on it. 
So I went to my trusty plate set and 
low and behold there was indeed a citrus stamp!

I decided to pair the fruit slices with a colour that it would pop against.
I picked OPI - Sunday Funday from their latest Avant Garden collection.
For the stamp I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On 
because it's thick and fills all the grooves on the
plate and transfers onto the stamp really well.
Then I topped it all off with the adorable decals!

I'm so happy with how these turned out.
They're fun and super bright.
Sunday Funday is an awesome shade of blue.
As soon as I put it on I fell in love.

Let me know what you think!


Saturday 2 March 2013

OPI - Get Your Number

Hey everyone!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
I started my weekend with a flashy blue mani.

For this mani I used OPI - Get Your Number
from the Mariah Carey liquid sand collection,
& then I used Zoya - Natty on my ring finger and thumb.
(Love the tiny little bottles that came in my 4 pack of the liquid sands)

The stars are actually nail tattoos from Big Ruby Tattoos.
I was interested to see how they would apply and it was really simple,
just like when I was little and used Spice Girl's tattoos.

right hand..
Get Your Number is totally beautiful. 
It reminds me of shattered glass and sparkly fresh snow. 
The holographic glitter is spot on. 
I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this.
 I thought it would be the dud out of the 4.

left hand

I really like how this one turned out. 
It goes a bit nautical for me, with the 
stars reminding me of a compass you'd find on an old ship.

& Natty! I've been lusting over this colour for a 
while and then I accidentally found it when I was out shopping.
It really is the most gorgeous deep navy. 
Coverage was amazing - only needed one coat to be opaque!

That's all for now.
Let me know what you think below!