Friday 30 August 2013

Matte Miranda & Her Studded Panda

So I know I said I’d post yesterday but things happened. Mainly it was the fact that
I mysteriously twisted my ankle (i.e I woke up and it hurt like a..) so I was just kind of
grumpy all day. I didn’t want to give any of that negative energy to you guys so I didn’t post.

But! Today I have a mani I was totally in love with.



Isn’t that just the cutest little panda???? I bought this pack of decals from the Born Pretty Store.
I was instantly in love with the panda holding the little apple and I knew it had to be paired with red.


The studs are from Heart 2 Art and I bought this pack at Walmart for less than 3 dollars.
They’re actually shinier than they appear in photos but they’re slightly dull because I covered them with my OPI Matte Top Coat.


And finally the main beauty – Miranda by Zoya.
I love how vibrant this colour is and, of course, I love the sparkle.


But I wanted to try something different. So I used 3 thin coats of Miranda and then I covered her up
with my OPI Matte Top Coat. I loved!!! how this looked. Made me want to try mattifying all of my Pixie’s.


So what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Also – remember how I said something amazing was happening this weekend?
Well, I’m going on vacation! I won’t tell you when or for how long because I’ve been
told that you don’t put those things on the internet. Cause, you know, people are crazy.
There will be no posts in my absence but I will be painting while I’m away so there will be a
set of posts that will come after my vaca showing you what manis I wore.
I may also do a outfit of the day post but we’ll see how much pep I have.

Have a happy Friday friends!

Much love, D.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Baby Pink Splatter

Happy hump day everyone!
Today I’ve got a splat-tastic manicure to share.


I usually struggle a lot while doing splatter manis (hence, why they’re so rarely on my blog)
but I had basically no trouble this time around. Hopefully I’ll be just as lucky next time.


For this look I used Nubar – Baby Pink as my base. I love this pink – such a classic colour. Lady like and feminine.
The splatter was done with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Raspberry Race & Nubar – Sour Apple.
I was really pleased with how this colour combo came out. Just enough pop.


I wanted to show you both hands so here’s a rare sighting of my left hand:

& now back to the right ;) Which is your favourite finger?

That’s it for now friends.
I’m going to go run some errands (for something AMAZING that’s happening this weekend)
and spend some time with my boyfriend.
See you tomorrow!

Much love, D.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Model City – Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Hey again!
Today I’ve got a very special polish to share with you.
This is Wanna Be Your Boyfriend by Model City.


Here’s a shot of 3 coats without a base colour:


& here is 2 coats on top of Essie – Licorice:



I loved this polish!! You’d think a black jelly would cover up the beautiful glitter as you layered
but it totally did the opposite.The glitter wasn’t hard to distribute at all – in fact it glided on smoothly
and I was blown away by the little teal & holo glitters. There’s something extra special about this polish. So much depth.


I was lucky enough to get this as a gift from In Jeeb We Trust so
thank you Gee for picking up this bad boy for my birthday!
(See Gee’s take on Model City here)

& Make sure you check out MCP's etsy shop because there’s lots of other polishes to drool over.
Nothing beats a good indie polish.

I should also mention that this particular polish is ment to reference a famous Ramones song.
So here, take a listen, and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

Much love, D.

Friday 23 August 2013

Starfish Flowers

Hey all!
Here’s a look I wore when I went out to a local fair with some of my favourite people.
Nothing better than deep fried goodies and good company.





I loved how this turned out. I’ve been craving nudes lately so this was exactly what I wanted.
& the glequins just added enough sparkle to satisfy me.


The polishes I used were Zoya – Charlize, Blu & Neely.
I find myself constantly going back to Blu and Neely. I love these cremes – fresh and dainty.
I was also really pleased with Charlize. I loved how it looked with my tan!


That’s all for now friends.
Happy Friday!

Much love, D.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

The Nail Junkie – Strawberry

Hey there!
Today I’ve got a fun polish from The Nail Junkie.
This is Strawberry.




I decided to keep my mani really simple so that this polish could have it’s moment.
I really liked the sticker on the bottle so I drew inspiration from that and added little black dots
using Essie – Licorice to represent the little black seeds on strawberries.



I was so in love with this colour. It was bright and fun but it didn’t blind me unlike many neon polishes can.
The shimmer in this polish was spot on. Nothing too overpowering – just subtle and very lady like.


This is definitely a colour I will be going back to. I fell in love at first swipe. 
There’s just something about this shade of pink that makes me joyous and alert.
The little girl inside my soul was skipping rope and giggling the whole time I had it on.

Make sure to check out The Nail Junkie’s etsy shop to check out her other fabulous colours.
Thank you to Gee from In Jeeb We Trust for this gorgeous polish!
(Gee also did a Nail Junkie mani which you can see here)

Much love, D.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Fierce & Melodramatic Saran Wrap

Hey there!
So recently I received a couple of new beauties from a dear friend of mine.
While we had our picnic and relaxed in the grass she told me she hadn’t known what colours to
get me so she ended up just going with my favourite – purple. Smart girl ;)
Both colours were gorgeous so I just had to pair them together.

On the left we have Melodramatic & on the right we have Fierce.
My camera hates photographing neon polishes so Fierce is actually a much deeper plum
purple and Melodramatic is a deeper pink. There’s another shot below that does them more justice.

Both polishes are made by Sephora & are apart of their neon collection.
These were really easy to work with and they dried not only quickly but also
to a really interesting finish – sort of matte but with shine.

I was originally wanting to do a stamping manicure but after my first attempt I realized that
my plan wasn’t going to work out. So I went to a technique I haven’t done in a while: saran wrap!

After “saran wrapping” I felt like it needed a little more so I added some fun decals from
the Born Pretty Store & I also added my Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat.


Even though this wasn’t the look I was initially intending I really fell in love with it.
It reminded me of cloudy nights and fog. A perfect magical purple-y mist.

Thank you to Jenn for spending a lovely summer day with me and, of course, for these beauties!
I already have ideas buzzing around for how else I could use them.
That’s it for now friends.

Much love, D.

Friday 16 August 2013

Pastel Galaxy

Hello again!
How are you all doing? Vancouver’s been a little grey the past couple days
(which I don’t mind because we needed rain) so I decided to do something light and pretty.
I’d seen this tutorial by Nailasaurus a little while ago and I’ve been wanting to attempt it ever since.
So here is my take on pastel galaxies:


if I had to decide what would exist in this galaxy then it would definitely be fluffy bunnies and unicorns.
And there would be a giant caterpillar smoking out of a pipe. There’s just something magical about it.


As with any galaxy that I’ve done before I had to use quite a few colours.
First up I chose to use Highlight Of My Summer by China Glaze as my base. Don’t be fooled by the bottle shot.
This polish is actually a lot more neon in person but my camera was having a hard time capturing it.
The nail shots show the true colour better.
Then I used Lemon Fizz by China Glaze & Greenberry by Barry M.


Next I added Meet Me At the Altar by Essie, Stevie by Zoya, & Miss Bliss by Colour Club.
The stars were done using a dotting tool & Essie – Blanc.
To finish it all off I added my OPI Matte Top Coat.


Here’s the gang all together atop my current read: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.



I was surprised by my how well this turned out. I have to admit I was slightly sceptical
because I just love galaxies using dark colours. I didn’t think it would work out but it totally hit the right note.
So what do you think? Are you loving the pastel galaxies or are you more partial to the darker versions?

Much love D.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Wicked Games On Silver Wings

Hey friends! First off let’s address the obvious – my blog layout has undergone a bit of an overhaul.
I know I do this quite often but I’ve been searching for a cleaner and more cohesive layout and I finally
figured out how I wanted it. I still have a few things I want to fix (i.e. my subscription buttons) but
overall I’m really happy. Do you like the changes? Let me know, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Now onto more important business – my mani. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll how that I
celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. With birthdays come gifts. And what do my friends get me?
Nail polish of course. So here’s a look I did using 2 new polishes:



The first polish I used for my mani was Deborah Lipmann – Wicked Game.


The second polish I used was Novel Nail Polish – On Silver Wings.


Wicked Game is a beauty of a duo-chrome. It would shift from purple to silver to green. The formula
on this was great unlike my Amazing Grace by DL, which made me very happy. Dry time was great too.
Most of the time my nails were a purple-y silver colour and I quite enjoyed how it paired with the glitter.


The glitter looked like broken glass pieces when put on WG. Which I loved because there’s something slightly off and
wonderful about the idea of holographic glass. I will say that the formula was a little thick though so I only used one coat and
did my best  to get large pieces which thankfully wasn't too hard. I love the big hexagons! 
Also, the removal of this glitter was super easy. I forgot to use my Glitter A-Peel
base coat so I can tell you first hand that the glitter came off very quickly with acetone.


Thank you to Gee & Steff for these beauties!
Make sure you check out Novel Nail Polish's Etsy Shop
to see some of her other great glitters. Until next time!

Much love, D.