Sunday 29 September 2013

Sunny Booby Dance

Hey all.
Not too long ago I mentioned how much I’m loving Smitten Polish right now.
Today I’ve got two polishes from her most recent collection.
Say hello to Sunny Side Up! and Blue Footed Booby Dance.


& here’s my look:



These colours screamed gradient when I saw them and
since I’m prone to following my instincts I went for it.
I loved the green hue created between the colours.
The final look made me think of lagoons in the sunshine.




So what do you think? Let me know!
& if you want to get some of your own Smitten Polish then click here to go to her etsy store.

Oh! In case you were wondering what exactly the Blue Footed Booby dance looks like, here you go:

Much love, D.

Friday 27 September 2013

Orly – Fowl Play

Hello again!
Today I’ve got a beauty of a swatch for you.
This is Orly – Fowl Play.


I love my little mini bottle!


Fowl Play is the most gorgeous berry purple I’ve seen in a while.
Makes me think of wine and jelly filled pastries.
& the flecks! Blue, red, orange, silver, and even a hint of green! Like little shards of magical glass.

Formula was great & even though this was the mini bottle it still had a great brush.



So what do you think? Let me know!
& I’m sorry that I’ve been posting less frequently recently. To be honest I just kept putting
off doing my editing and now I have a back log of about 5 manis. So you can expect at least one
over the weekend. Anyways! Happy Friday. Until next time.

Much love, D.

Sunday 22 September 2013

Flynn: My Little China Girl + Liebster 3.0

Hello again! Today I’ve got a fun fall inspired mani to share.
I’ve been quite reluctant to dip my toes into fall colours because I was just so in love with all my summer hues.
But, just like always, summer ended. At least on the West Coast of Canada.
So here is my first real foray into Autumn.




For this look I used Flynn by Zoya.
Flynn is such a lovely latte colour. I can see myself being drawn to it a lot this fall.
Formula was great as per usual with any Zoya.

The decals can be found here at the Born Pretty Store
I was going to put the decals on all my digits but I loved them so much that
I wanted to save some for future mani’s. Besides, Flynn deserved her own moment.



I was also lucky enough to get nominated for yet another Liebster award again by The Mercurial Magpie.
Since I’ve done it before I’m just going to answer the questions.

1. What inspired your blog name?
My blog was originally called Chaos &…. something.. I honestly can’t remember.
When I first started I wasn’t sure what direction my blog was going in.
All I knew was that I wanted to find a medium that allowed me to write and
flex my creative muscle and I wanted it to be an expression of who I am/was.
So when I finally had a direction I decided I needed to find a new blog name in
order to signify the change. I had created “Dagadelic” when I needed a username for
a website once and while brainstorming new blog names it popped into my head.
As soon as I typed it and saw what it looked like as a header I knew I’d found the
perfect name – something catchy but a real reflection of me.
That’s probably why I don’t really care what my blog was
originally called - it wasn’t the the right fit.   

2. What nail polish color can you not resist buying?
I’m really drawn to pinks and purples but I love me a good blue.

3. You're rushing out the door and have 10 minutes to do your nails, what polish do you grab?
10 minutes??!! Ha totally not painting. But since I have to answer
the question I’ll go with Zoya – Godiva.
Needs no base or top coat and nude goes with everything.

4. Your house is burning down/you're on a deserted island/you're being abducted by aliens, etc....which 5 polishes would you take with you?
I’ll go with Barry M – Lychee, Color Club – Beyond, Zoya – Blu,
piCture pOlish – O’Hara, & Essie – Meet Me at the Altar.

5. What inspired you to get into nail polish in the first place?
Probably the fact that I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish in elementary school.
 Funny isn’t it? Always want what we can’t have.

6. What technique have you struggled with in the past and now mastered?
I don’t feel like I’ve mastered any particular technique yet. I’m always trying to learn
how other people are doing a technique and I’m always searching for any new nail
art tips and tricks I can find. With that being said, I guess I would have to say that
I feel my splattering has improved. I could just not do it at all when I first tried.
Luckily with some help from Gee and a whole lot of patience
I figured it out… sort of anyway. Still no where near as good as Gee.

7. What technique do you still struggle with?
Splatter hahahah. Oh and water marbling. There’s just too many factors that can and do go wrong.

8. What is your favorite type of manicure to do?
Gradients. Big impact for little effort.

9. How do you organize/keep track of your polishes?
I have a large shelf organizer that holds half my polish and then
I have a box on my desk that my boyfriend made.
I love it because he made the cover a tray so I can not only display
my latest favs but I also put whatever I haven’t used yet in it.

10. What commercial brand is your favorite?
Bit of a tough one for me. I’m split between Zoya and China Glaze.

11. What indie brand is your favorite?
This changes all the time for me. But right now I’m going to have to say Smitten Polish (psssssttt upcoming post).


Phew. Well that’s it for now friends. Thank you again to the Mercurial Magpie for the nomination 
& to say goodbye let me give you a little David Bowie. 

Much love, D.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

100th Post: Vacation Mani’s

SAM_6231 -add
Hey friends!
Today marks one of my first blogger milestones:
100 posts.
I have to admit I’m really quite shocked. I didn’t even realize I was this
close until this past week. Thankfully everything worked out nicely and I have
a perfect 100th post to share: my vacation manis! It’s a bit long but hey, it’s
only fitting given the occasion. So let’s get started!


Look 1 – I am Enchanted


For the journey I decided to use I Am The Walrus by Enchanted Polish.
It’s one of those polishes that needs nothing. It just sparkles and makes your life
a little less bleak.  I loved the coppery shimmer and the golden flecks. It also had this
flash of green or pink sometimes. I honestly can’t say enough about this polish.



Just look at that holo. Sparkle fantastic.
Application was flawless. Bit sheer on the first coat but it built up nicely.


Look 2 – Electric Fishies

Yes that’s right, another EP. This beauty is Electric Feel by Enchanted Polish.
Most of the time this would go light green or silver and it was sooo beautiful in the sunlight.
Then I paired it with these decals from Nail Polish Canada.

& the sun shots….

Look 3 – Lychee Deco Accent


During one of our evenings we decided to watch Gone With The Wind.
I love that movie. All the drama and the intense acting makes me swoon.
So it only felt fitting to use my O’Hara by piCture pOlish.
Then… I had a nail art melt down when what I wanted to do wasn’t working out.
Thankfully Gee was kind enough to do some accent fingers for me using stripping tape & Lychee by Barry M.
I think it turned out really perfect. Except for the I forgot-my-nails-were-painted smudge. Oh well.


I love the tiny little pink flecks in O’Hara. So subtle (unlike Scarlet) but so so perfect.




Look 4 – Fruity Stripes

For the last few days of our trip I wanted to use some more of my Barry M’s.
First I did a base of Strawberry by The Nail Junkie.
Then I added Dragonfruit & Papaya by Barry M.



Don’t mind the indent on my thumb nail. This time I thought they were dry already. Apparently not.
I didn’t really care though because the overall effect was still great.




So that’s it! Do you have a favourite look out of the 4? Let me know!
Thank you to everyone who’s stuck around long enough to see me hit 100.
I’m excited to see where else my blog will go.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Much love, D.

Friday 13 September 2013

Smitten Polish – Pastel Pixelation

Hello! So I’m back in town and ready to share some posts with you guys.
Today I have yet another polish from my birthday hoard.

Meet Pastel Pixelation by Smitten Polish.



Isn’t this polish just the sweetest?? 
I loved the colours of the glitter pieces. And the little golden circles?!?! AHH! :D
It was like a confetti rainbow dripped in pink chiffon.



Application was great. Nice thin coats that weren’t runny or too thick. 
I was a bit worried the pink would dilute the glitter but the formula didn’t allow for that.
It just kept looking better the more coats I put on.


I was totally sold on this baby.
If you’re looking for something delicate and girly this definitely something you should look into.
Check out Smitten Polish’s etsy store here to see some more of her gorgeous goodies.

Next up: my vaca post!!

Much love, D.