Monday 28 April 2014

Saint Speckled and Freckled

Hey all!
Today I've got the second pairing that I previewed on my Instagram.
There's quite a few photos so let's just jump right in!


// Pretty & Polished - Speckled and Freckled //

I had used this polish in a previous post but I thought it deserved a proper moment.
I love the whipping cream coloured base and I thought the little glitters were simply divine.
(Really easy removal too!)

Speckled and Freckled is great all on it's own but I wanted to jazz it up.
Take a look at the after...

 MoYou - Suki Plate 06 // A England - Saint George


So I think these are definitely my favourite manicure
that I've done so far this year. Graphic and girly.
But what do you think? Let me know in the comments!
Have a great week.

xo, D.

Friday 25 April 2014

Fuchsia Squared

Hey all!
Yesterday I posted a preview of what was coming up on the blog on my instagram.
Today I've got the first of the two pairing.


Sally Hansen - Fuchsia Flare // Pretty and Polished - Back to the Fuchsia

I used Back to the Fuchsia in this previous post but
I wanted to incorporate it in a different way this time. So I paired it with a near identical colour.
Then I taped off some fun accents and let the thermal magic take over.

Now full disclosure: getting these colour changing shots was so difficult.
My body temperature is pretty high normally so most of the time they were only neon pink.
To get this purple I had to put my hands in freezing cold water for what felt like forever. So long that my hand went numb. But then whenever I tried to get to my normal manicure set up my hands would warm up and I'd miss the shot. So that's why Fuchsia Flare came out more salmon-y in the colour change photos. Bathroom lighting -.- Oh well. I still think they're pretty fab.


Next post will be up Monday and I have to say it's probably
my favourite look I've done so far this year so I can't wait to share it with you guys.
Have a great weekend!

xo, D.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Easter 2014

Hey friends!

So I skipped the last two blogging days because of Easter weekend.
4 days of eating and cooking and cleaning and family can really take it out of you.
 But to make up for it I have another 2 in 1 post to share!


Easter Marble

Barry M. - Greenberry // Zoya - Blu // Models Own - Banana Split

 I wore this look for half of the weekend.
I wanted to emulate Easter eggs so I made each digit different.
The art was free handed and then I water marbled.
Banana Split was a bit too watery for free handing but I made it work.

 Am I the only one who finds water marbling extremely laborious?
So many things can go wrong. There's always a mess.
Thankfully I got a great tip from In Jeeb We Trust who said using a shot glass would help.
& it totally did! I mean making a mess while water marbling is basically unavoidable
 but it really brought it to a minimum. The pattern was also a lot easier to create.


Ola Flynn

Zoya - Flynn // Enchanted Polish - Ola Rio!

For the second half of my weekend I wanted to keep it simpler because
 I just did not have the energy to do anything too involved. So I came up with this combo.

The shift in Ola Rio! is so amazing. Bronze, gold, AND purple.
 Below is a bit of a blurry picture but you can see the purple peeking through.


So that's what I wore all weekend on my digits.
Hopefully you had a great weekend.
Next post will be Friday!

xo, D.

Monday 14 April 2014

Neon Easter Dotticure

Hey there!
So Easter's coming up and you might be planning a manicure and need some ideas.
I found this look/tutorial by Trendy Polish and I decided to try it out and share it with all of you.
I put my own little twist on it and it came out rather festive I think.


China Glaze - Pink Voltage // Highlight of my Summer
Lemon Fizz // Mimosa's Before Mani's

I wanted to keep it bright and fun so I committed to my most colourful neons.
These pairings ended up kicking quite a punch.


Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you're feeling a bit more inspired.
See you in a few days!

xo, D.

Friday 11 April 2014

Gypsy Acid Cats

Hey all!
Hope you've had a good week.
If not, well, hopefully some nail art and a bit of music will cheer you up.


Barry M. - Lychee // Color Club - Miss Bliss // Sally Hansen - Golden Rule 


& here's a band I've recently discovered.
This is probably my favourite song from the album. 
I love to zone out to this and go for a walk.

xo, D.

Monday 7 April 2014

Blue Horizons

Hey friends. Happy Monday. 
Quick post today featuring 3 Essie polishes.


Essie - Cocktail Bling // Essie - RepStyle // Essie - Set in Stones

I love the tone of this blue. Subtle moody elegance.


I've also finally figured out my blogging schedule.
Mondays and Fridays.
So I'll see you in a few days.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

xo, D.

Friday 4 April 2014

Purple Reign

Hey there! 
Hope you're having better weather than I am wherever you are. 
Honestly, the rain doesn't bother me. I live in Vancouver. It comes with the territory.
I was just fooled by the few pretty days we had into thinking that Spring was Summer.

So to help brighten up this dreary day I wanted to share
another 2 in 1 post featuring two looks using my favourite colour - purple. 


The Rich Love Diamonds

Zoya - Aurora // Essie - Set in Stones

This manicure was so simple but I loved it so so much.
Aurora is holographic bliss and I love this Essie glitter topper.
Like diamond snowflakes. 


The Royal Wave

Sephora X - Fierce // Maybelline - Bold Gold
MoYou - Suki Collection 05

I haven't done all that much stamping lately but I just knew this combo was worth it.
Once I tried it on one finger I wanted it on every digit. 
I was really pleased with the overall effect. 


Let me know what you think! 
Have a great weekend everyone.

xo, D.