Monday 31 March 2014

Orange you creative?

Hey ladies and gents!

Been a little while. Sorry for that. Last week just ran away from me. 
But I figured I'd start this week off right and crank out another 2 in 1 post.
Better late then never. 

Both of today's looks feature Cult Nails - Be Loco as the main attraction. 
As a girl who isn't exactly in love with the colour orange I have to say I was smitten with this polish. 
It didn't clash with my fair skin tone and I loved the vibrancy of this particular shade. 

Loco for Tinsel

Cult Nails - Be Loco // Ciate - Tinsel Town


Orange Cocktail

Cult Nails - Be Loco // Maybelline - Cocktail Dress
Quo Instant Artist - Black / White

I wore this mani for a heavy metal concert I went to with some of my familia.
Heavy Metal is not necessarily my music of choice (go figure) but I have to say I had lots of fun.
There's nothing like a band giving their all on their last night.
You could feel the music pulsating through the room and crawling up into your brain.


Thanks for stopping by. See you in a few!

xo, D.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Christmas in March

Hey friends.
I've got another combo post to share today.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I did a green galaxy for St. Patrick's day.
(This green galaxy is quite photo heavy - I couldn't help but take it out into the sun)

What you don't know is that I also did a red galaxy a few months ago.
(Yes I said months, and no it's not as picture heavy. There was no brilliant spring sunlight in January.)
So check em out and let me know what you think!


Green Galaxies

A England - Saint George // Zoya - Logan // Sally Hansen - Scarab
Smitten Polish - Blue Footed Booby Dance// Zoya - Solange // Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat

I wore this look for St. Patrick's day and I couldn't stop staring at my digits.

And you just know it turned out well when your boyfriend compliments
your manicure without being prompted. More than once even. High five to that.

I've also decided to not add big white stars anymore.
I much prefer combining glitter and Zoya Pixie Dusts.
They seem to work better on my tiny canvases.


Red Galaxies

A England - Rose Bower // A England - Sleeping Palace // Essie - Angora Cardi
Zoya - Miranda // Ciate - Candy Cane

This look was inspired by a page from this book Logan gave my dad for Christmas.
You can expect to see some more looks inspired by this book at some point.


I think galaxies might just be my favourite nail art technique.
No two galaxy manicures are ever the same and each one provides endless room for magic.
What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.
See you in a few!

xo, D.

Friday 14 March 2014

Stars and Spring

Hey there!
Today I've got a post that mixes the old and the new.
Two different looks with two different childhood influences.


First up, Second Star to the Right

Esmaltes de Kelly - Neverland

As a little girl I loved the idea of Neverland. In fact I still do.
A place where all you do is go on adventures and FLY?? Sold. 
I didn't care much for Peter Pan, (except when Robin Williams was Peter in Hook. I love that movie.
Definitely one of my childhood top ten favourites. Ru-fi-OOOOO!), but I loved that freaking island.
Needless to say I was thrilled when I found this polish. 
I love the grey blue hues and the tiny black glitters sprinkled throughout. 

I added a nail tattoo from Big Ruby Tattoos on my index finger
and then another tattoo from the Born Pretty Store on my thumb. 
I also choose to name the panda Peter.
(Just so I can say that Peter the Panda is pleasantly positioned on my pointers.)   
The star remained nameless but I loved that little smile.


Next, Hello Spring

Essie - Meet Me At The Altar // Barry M. - Greenberry // Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat

Just this past week we had to adjust our clocks again. 
This change in time (and soon season!) inspired me to use colours that were fun, and youthful, and oh so girly.
 I loved the gradient created between these two colours. Like a pastel sunset. 
The decals are from the Born Pretty Store and were actually a bonus gift with purchase.

Hello Kitty has nothing to do with spring (or does she?) but it just felt appropriate. 
Besides, she'll always have a special place in my heart because of her show. I can still sing the whole theme song.
 (Am I the only person who watched that as a child?  No one ever mentions it to me.) 


So that's it! Thanks for stopping by and reminiscing with me.
See you in a few days!

xo, D.

Monday 10 March 2014

Split Splat

Hey all!
So it's been a while.
Long story short, thing's have been stressful.
Death, betrayal, and pain.
Nothing pleasant.

I've been struggling to find balance and now that my brain is mostly functioning again
I've decided to refocus on this blog. It's always made me happy so why not?
This is my little space of the universe and I'm going to own it.

With that being said, let's keep it positive!
Today's post features two different splatter manicures. 


Zoya - Blu // A England - Briarwood

Here's a piece of jewelry that ended up resembling my look.
I'm thinking about doing a mini series inspired by jewelry.
What do you think?


Zoya - Blu // Zoya - Bevin


So that's it!
You can expect that my next couple posts will feature multiple manicures,
just like todays, so that I can catch up and keep my posts relevant and up to date.

Happy Monday. Here's to a brighter future.

xo, D.