Monday 26 May 2014

Joe Fresh - Bloom

Hey there!
Happy Monday - and if you're in the States well then Happy Memorial Day.
I have a bit of military influence in my family - both sides went through WWII back in Poland.
One of my grandpa's was pursued by Nazi's and the other served in the war, though from what
I'm told he didn't like talking too much about it. My dad also went through training and worked in the
military for a few years. It's always been important to me to be familiar with the workings behind the
First and Second World Wars because it has such a strong tie to how my family developed.
As they say, knowledge is power.

Now onto the fun stuff.

Friday 23 May 2014

Palace Typography

Hey there!
Not much to babble about today so we're just going to get into the good stuff right away.
I decided to make another entry into the MoYou Instagram challenge, so here's my entry for Day 23 - Typography.

A England - King Arthur // A England - Sleeping Palace
A England - Jane Eyre // MoYou - Suki 05 // Essie - Set in Stones

Keeping with the literary theme I decided to pick polishes with some literary history behind them
(excluding Set in Stones - that was just for some sparkle). I love the contrast between King Arthur and Sleeping Palace.
Silver and purple were made for each other. I also think King Arthur and Aurora would get along.
She needed a hero and he had a table full of them. 

As soon as I saw the list of themes I knew I had to use this pattern from my Suki 05 plate. To be honest I never saw myself
using it before but I think it really works with this look. I think it looks like ancient scripture.

So that's it for today! 
Let me know what you think.

xo, D.

Monday 19 May 2014

Blue Lagoon

Hey friends! Happy Monday.

It's a long weekend here in beautiful British Columbia.
Yesterday I went out for a hike with my parents and took in some mother nature at Rice Lake. 
When I was younger I had a passion for climbing rocks and traversing ravens.
I can clearly remember climbing up a huge stack of rocks to get to a small little island while my granny freaked out.
I don't do it as much now but the need to go on long walks and discover new places has never left.
 I'm always trying to discover a new place in this city. 

Joe Fresh - Lagoon // Nothern Lights Holographic Topcoat
O.P.I - Matte Top Coat // Fadzone Nail Art Decoration 

I was immediately smitten with this polish. 3 thin easy coats and it was perfect.
I was expecting a lighter blue but this was so much better. And I love the name!

I ordered this great pack of 1200 simple nail art decorations (you can find them here)
and I wanted to compare the ivory and white pearls. To add a bit more whimsy I also added a cute little bow. 

Feel free to leave your comments below!
I'm off now to meet up with my favourite guy and to enjoy what's left of this weekend.
See you Friday.

xo, D.  

Friday 16 May 2014

Butterfly Effect

Hey there!
Last time I told you I'd be sharing what I wore on my digits for Mother's Day.
So here they are.

Deborah Lippmann - Amazing Grace // Essie - Licorice 
O.P.I Sheer Tint Collection // BM - 307

This was my first time using the O.P.I sheers and I have to say I really like them.
I love the colours! And I love that you can combine them to make even more shades.
The versatility is so great. I'm going to be trying these out again soon.   

 Do you like the butterflies? Kind of make my heart flutter.
And I like that they smudged a little. Made it a little more vintage-looking.

So what do you think? Let me know below!
Next post is will be up as usual on Monday.

xo, D.

Monday 12 May 2014

Yellow and Grey N/OOTD

Hey all!
Hope you had a great weekend and if you're a mom well then I hope you had a great day.
I took my mom to a great park filled with flowers and beautiful views. 
We sat on a shaded bench by the large fountain and relaxed.
Later I made cocktails and we watched a movie and the season finale of one of our favourite shows.
Oh, and of course I did her nails. 

I'll be sharing my mother's day look with you guys later this week, 
but for now here's my second entry into the MoYou Nail Art Challenge. 
This is Day 12: OOTD

Deborah Lippmann - Amazing Grace // Sally Hansen - Butter-fly Stroke
A England - King Arthur // MoYou - Sailor Plate 06
& the shirt is from bebe

When I first used this DL I was so disappointed in the formula.
But something magical happened in the year that I haven't used it - the formula improved!
I couldn't believe it.

Sorry I went a little picture crazy but I really liked these.
Let me know what you think below!
I'll see you Friday.

xo, D.

Saturday 10 May 2014

Geometric City

Hey everyone!
I've been feeling really creative as of late so I wanted to make a look with some impact.
Coincidentally there is a MoYou challenge going on through Instagram and I most definitely
had to enter. So here's my entry for Day 10: Geometric.

& The After... 

Model City - Wanna Be Your Boyfriend // Zoya - Blu // MoYou - Suki Plate 06

I was really happy I didn't use just a plain old white to stamp.
I think Blu just adds a bit of something else.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

xo, D.

Monday 5 May 2014

Pink Teacup

Hey there!

Today's post is inspired by a teacup I received from my mom way back when for my sixteenth birthday.
Here's the pattern on the rim of the cup and of the saucer. Dainty and delicate, no?

L'oreal - I Pink I'm In Love // Maybelline - Bold Gold

I received this pink as a super early birthday gift from my childhood best friend who
came back home for a week. When I came home I had tea in this tea/saucer set and the idea sparked.

The formula of this polish was a little watery but it was fairly easy to work with.
And I love this shade of pink. Lady-like glamour. 

 Thanks for stopping by friends. Hope your week goes smoothly.
See you Friday!

xo, D.

Friday 2 May 2014

With a Shotgun in Her Hand

Hey everyone!
Happy Friday. 

First up here's a song to emulate what I've been feeling
lately now that the days are getting warmer.
Can't help but groove to this.

And now here's my latest splatter manicure!

Joe Fresh - Faded Violet // Iris // Cloud
Essie - Licorice
Right Hand

Left Hand

So what do you think? I love how the colours work together.
The gun needs a little work but I still liked it. Just dipping my toes into freehand art again. 

See on Monday.

xo, D.