Monday 15 October 2012


Today I learned that because I am left handed I would 
have had an advantage had I been an ancient gladiator in Rome. 

P.S. here are some of my photos from this past weekend.

Lasagna & white wine sangria 
with my favourite person.


 Wrote my GRE in the early 
morning on Saturday.

 Bought a new jacket from Lulu lemon 
to get me through the rain.

 My poor old lady hurt her hip and was stuck 
sleeping downstairs under her blankie.

Swanky Silk by China Glaze 
to start the week.
(thanks Gee!)

Hope you have a great week everyone!



  1. White wine sangria? Yes! How was it?

    And I always figured lefties were tougher than everybody thought. :)

    1. It was delicious! Except for the bottom of the pitcher...I hate lots of pulp so boyfriend had to drink it for me :P


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