Sunday 21 April 2013

Pink Mardi Party

Hello again!

Welcome to yet another blog post.
This past week I got together with Jeeb from In Jeeb We Trust
and we found ourselves what appears to be a new hobby – making jewellery!
Yes it sounds crazy and we did go a little crazy by making as many as we could
but it was so much fun and I definitely think we’ll be doing it again.
Actually, now that we’ve opened that Pandora’s box, we’ll probably never stop.
Unless we get so old that we can’t use our hands and
I’ll have to force my future children into helping us out. 
I’ll make them work for free (because duh they love me right?)
& they’ll have to say “yes mam” a lot and bow when we enter.
There may also be a whip involved or at least a pair of elderly women
smacking their canes on the ground when they are unsatisfied.
Actually since we can’t use our hands we’ll probably just yell or bite or perhaps we’ll cry...
Soooo good luck future children! Mama loves you!

Now onto more pressing business: my nails. 
All that crafting sparked quite a bit of creativity and in homage to all the beautiful jewellery we made (and will make!) I sought inspiration for today’s manicure from one of the pieces.
And yes I will make you scroll all the way to the bottom to see it (muahaha).


You might not be able to tell but there’s actually a very subtle gradient.


I used Zoya – Gie Gie for the base and
then I combined both Gie Gie & Essie – Lion Around for the gradient.
I added Pretty & Polished – Mardi Party to make it more fun.


I’ve used both Gie Gie and Lion Around before and
they are both really wonderful pinks to use.
(Sorry, totally just got a Grease reference stuck in my head,
“Pinks you punk. Pink slips, ownership papers!”)
Gie Gie is way more frosty and Lion Around is more creme-y,
but thankfully the colours did what I wanted and the gradient is very subtle.


& just look at that Mardi Party! This one is super fun.
Multi coloured random sized bits in a clear base is how I would describe it. I can’t decide though if it reminds me more of Mardi Gras (hence the name I’m assuming..) or a preschool craft day. Regardless, I love the look of this polish. Only downside: the base is a little goopy so if you do buy it make sure you’re aware of that. I found the best way to ensure getting the bits out was to shake the bottle before hand, put on a thin layer of it at first, and then put a small blob on and spread it out to wherever you need more glitter. It really wasn’t that hard to work with though, really it’s like any glitter, all you need is patience and persistence my friends! 


So what do you think?
Yay or nay?
Leave a comment below!

Oh! Here’s the inspiration:


Have a good one!
& just in case you’re needing it today:
yes you do look beautiful  – like a beautiful blonde pineapple.



  1. I feel like a blonde pineapple! Thank you!!!
    I really like this mani. It's like a scrumptious birthday cake! I can't believe the whole rainbow is in there <3
    And I still love how those earrings turned out. So cool.
    Great post dude!

    1. Birthday cake! Yes. So to summarize: a bunch of preschoolers went to Mardi Gras and ate some scrumptious cake. And they all wore pink. Brilliant.

      (& Thank you Gee!)


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