Thursday 16 July 2015

Cotton Candy Zebra Lady Queen Review

*Products Provided For Review*

Zoya - Snow White // Hehe - 040
Sally Hansen - Raspberry Race // Barry M. - Greenberry

Hey all! It's been a veerrrryyyy long time since I've blogged.
I've been finding that just sharing photos on IG and FB has been feeling way more organic.
But! I was asked to review a couple products so I figured it was best to write it all down.

I was contacted by Lady Queen, a company that sells a huge variety of products.
I chose to try this plate, since anything nail related is always my first go to,
and I also got a necklace (see that below!). To check out the nail art section click here!

The plate came as usual with film on it, no scratches.
The etching was deep enough and I had no issues with the image picking up.
I love the variety of "watermarble" options. And the two faces are a clever addition.
To get the plate go here:

If you want to try anything from the store then I highly recommend it.
I had direct contact with Perlie and she answered all of my questions and kept me
updated on my order. Use my 15% discount code (EHLC15) when you check out!

And here's the necklace....
I love it. My only issue was that the ends of the gold necklace were pretty sharp.
So I put tape on the ends and covered it up, which fixed the problem.
To get the necklace click here:

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the products I received.
They were packaged properly and I received great customer service.
The price points aren't too shabby either!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think.

Don't forget that if you want to stay updated
on my nail art you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook!

xo, D.

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