Monday 3 November 2014

Witch-y Waters

Nubar - Sour Apple // China Glaze - In the Limelight (neon)
Firecracker Lacquer - Penguin Parade + Flamingo Fanfare
American Apparel - Lopez Canyon // Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat

Hey there friends! 
As promised here is the manicure I wore for Halloween.
A little bit of WM and some freehand.

I did a base of Nubar - Sour Apple on all my digits and then
once my WM decals dried I stuck those bad boys on.
I think the addition of my Northern Lights Topcoat made it a little more magical *.*

My witch was done freehand. I started with an outline of the face using black acrylic paint.
The hair was next, and then I worked on the hat.
You can't tell but I also made her hair sparkle.
And I swear to you - from far away her lips were perfect.

So that's it! Let me know what you think in the comments.

xo, D.

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