Wednesday 13 March 2013

Zoya London Swatch & Mani

Hey everyone!

Apologies for not posting much in the past few days.
Things have been a little hectic and I was unable to post this earlier.

First off I wanted to show you one of Zoya's Pixie Dusts.
I was beyond excited to work with these since I heard so 
many great things and, of course, the swatches I saw were beautiful.
I purchased London (seen below) and Godiva (which I'll be using in a future post). 
I wore the nail art mani first but wanted to be able to see 
the full effect of the pixie dust so I have been wearing this the past few days.

London is beautiful. It's a dusty grey that really sparkles.
If I had to recommend one collection to try out this year it would definitely be the pixie dusts.
Especially the upcoming spring collection.
I applied this without base coat as is recommended and there's no top coat. 
I feel like if you're going to go for the textured polish why would you even bother covering it up? 

Next up is a mani I did for a concert I went to this past weekend.
I used China Glaze - Hey Doll, Zoya - London, and a Quo stripper in black. 

My boyfriend gave me this idea and I really like it.
Not too complex but still looks interesting.

Well that's all for now.
Next post will be a Saint Patty's Day mani.
Hopefully what I have planned turns out.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!


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