Saturday 22 June 2013

Sailor Moon…?

Hey there. Happy Saturday! Hope you are keeping well. Today I’ve got a mani for you guys
that is definitely bright and cheerful. I saw this look while I was browsing the internet for ideas
and I knew right away that I wanted to try it out. Here’s my take:


I decided to switch out the colours a bit because I wanted them to pop in all the sunshine that we were having. I chose to use China Glaze – Lemon Fizz and Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Pink Blink.
Then I freehanded the bows and the lines with Essie – Licorice.


I had a hard time with the bows. I realized too late that they should have been smaller. I was going to fix them but then I hesitated because for some strange reason I felt like a sailor scout. This of course made me want to keep the bows big because it felt like the only way to fulfill my childhood dream of fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight. Then I thought “This NEEDS sparkle.” So I added my beloved Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat.
Because you know Serena would have added sparkle. (Venus was my favourite by the way. And I think she would have added sparkle too. So it had to be done.)



This isn't the most daring look I've created and the bows aren't perfect but
holy cow did this look make me happy. What do you think? Should I have made the bows smaller?
Let me know. Maybe I’ll redo this look at some point.

Well that’s all for now friends. This sailor scout is off to protect the Earth. Now where did I leave that tiara?


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