Sunday 14 July 2013

Briar Drip

Hello again!
Today I wanted to a quick share of what I wore a few days back. I’ve been lusting for the new A England collection for a little while now (I mean come on, inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty, aka Briar Rose, AND they’re all holographic?? It was meant to be). Unfortunately I was only able to get 4 out of the 5 polishes because I was just not paying attention when they came in stock. But that’s okay! Just means I have another lemming :D
So here’s what I did:


For this look I used Briar Rose as my base colour and then I
did the drip with the newest member to the collection, Briarwood. 
Briar Rose is beautiful. I love having a pink toned holographic. It just feels so appropriate for the summer.
I was also really surprised by how much I liked Briarwood! Such a great brown. I’m going to be pulling this one out a lot in the fall.


This is also my first ever drip-acure! (I love how bloggers can just invent words.) In the end they reminded me of chocolate dripped strawberries which I love because I was not even trying. I was going for oozy, but it ended up looking more delicious-y.
So what do you think? Let me know below! Until next time.


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