Sunday 7 July 2013

Cosmic Rainbow

Hey all! So today I wanted to share a quick post about what I wore to a concert a few days ago. One of my closest friends, Gee (from In Jeeb We Trust), asked me to accompany her to a B-52’s concert. I was super pumped to dance and shimmy but I needed a manicure that screamed colour and fun just like the band. I ended up being inspired by one of their album covers and I think it really hit the mark.

Here’s the cover….

& Here’s my look!

I did a side ways gradient and I followed the same colour pattern as the album.
I’ve never done a sideways gradient before and I must say that I love how it looks.
I can totally see myself doing these more often.

The colours had to be bright and fun so here’s what I used:
Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Brisk Blue; NYC – High Line Green
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Mellow Yellow; Zoya – Thandie
Sation – Love At First Lavender
& I also added my favourite Northern Lights topcoat to give it that extra sparkle.


While painting I realized that I didn’t have a gradient planned for my thumb but thankfully I was quick on my feet and used my Big Ruby Tattoos. I couldn’t decide on just one tattoo so I decided to just go for it and use two. Because yes I’m that bad ass.


I’m so happy with how these turned out – bright, cheerful, and a bit kitsch.
And the concert! Gurrl, Let me tell you! We had front row seats but we ended up right at the stage. There’s nothing quite like watching a band who actually enjoys what they do for a living. It was a blast and I totally danced my ass off. You just can’t be sad at a B-52’s concert. Make sure to check out what Gee did here. I must say, we were totally on the same wave length. I’m still drooling over her mani.
Well, this quick post has turned into a long one so I’m done babbling now.
Enjoy your Sunday friends!


here’s a couple shots because I just couldn’t resist sharing.
Her outfit makes we want to watch The Wizard of Oz.

SAM_5054 SAM_5034

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