Monday 31 March 2014

Orange you creative?

Hey ladies and gents!

Been a little while. Sorry for that. Last week just ran away from me. 
But I figured I'd start this week off right and crank out another 2 in 1 post.
Better late then never. 

Both of today's looks feature Cult Nails - Be Loco as the main attraction. 
As a girl who isn't exactly in love with the colour orange I have to say I was smitten with this polish. 
It didn't clash with my fair skin tone and I loved the vibrancy of this particular shade. 

Loco for Tinsel

Cult Nails - Be Loco // Ciate - Tinsel Town


Orange Cocktail

Cult Nails - Be Loco // Maybelline - Cocktail Dress
Quo Instant Artist - Black / White

I wore this mani for a heavy metal concert I went to with some of my familia.
Heavy Metal is not necessarily my music of choice (go figure) but I have to say I had lots of fun.
There's nothing like a band giving their all on their last night.
You could feel the music pulsating through the room and crawling up into your brain.


Thanks for stopping by. See you in a few!

xo, D.

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