Tuesday 26 August 2014

KB Shimmer - Periwinkle in Time

Hey all! So today's post should have gone up yesterday but
I got a little sidetracked. Hurrah for laundry day -.-
I was wearing something fabulous on my digits though...

KB Shimmer - Periwinkle in Time

I am head over heels for this polish.
True to it's name it is the perfect periwinkle shade.
I love the variety of glitter! Tons of small, medium, and large glitters that require no fishing.
There's even some holographic goodness packed in.

I was going to stamp over this baby but it just felt so wrong to cover it all up.
So I kept it as is, honouring the indie polish gods. 

So that's it! I'll see you Friday with another mani!
Enjoy the next few days.

xo, D.

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