Friday 29 August 2014

Scofflaw - Chromosaurus Hex

Did you watch the Jurassic Park trilogy as a kid?
I'm pretty sure most people have. 
I was always terrified of the raptors, and every time I watched the scene where that guy
steals the raptor's eggs I would be begging him to leave them. But no, of course he took them.
You need tension and impulsive decisions to create a great plot. I just always wanted to slap him >.< 

Speaking of dinosaurs....

Scofflaw - Chromosaurus Hex // Big Ruby Tattoos

Chromosaurus Hex is unlike any polish I own.
A slightly faded purple with a gold and green sheen.
It's like snake skin. If I was a dinosaur this would be my colour.
 Application was great. Two thin coats. No fishing, no fuss.
It also dried sort of matte which I looovvveedd. Scale-y goodness.

The tattoos are from Big Ruby. It was national Dog Day when I did this
mani so the bulldog felt appropriate. 

Now tell me...
If you were a dinosaur what colour would you be?

Also! I'll be doing the #31DC2014 challenge this year so you'll be seeing 
a lot of me in September. Join me on Monday for my very first post!

Have a great weekend!

xo, D.

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