Friday 25 April 2014

Fuchsia Squared

Hey all!
Yesterday I posted a preview of what was coming up on the blog on my instagram.
Today I've got the first of the two pairing.


Sally Hansen - Fuchsia Flare // Pretty and Polished - Back to the Fuchsia

I used Back to the Fuchsia in this previous post but
I wanted to incorporate it in a different way this time. So I paired it with a near identical colour.
Then I taped off some fun accents and let the thermal magic take over.

Now full disclosure: getting these colour changing shots was so difficult.
My body temperature is pretty high normally so most of the time they were only neon pink.
To get this purple I had to put my hands in freezing cold water for what felt like forever. So long that my hand went numb. But then whenever I tried to get to my normal manicure set up my hands would warm up and I'd miss the shot. So that's why Fuchsia Flare came out more salmon-y in the colour change photos. Bathroom lighting -.- Oh well. I still think they're pretty fab.


Next post will be up Monday and I have to say it's probably
my favourite look I've done so far this year so I can't wait to share it with you guys.
Have a great weekend!

xo, D.

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