Friday 25 July 2014

Brain Algae

Hey all!
First off before I get into the nails I just have to share a super cool documentary I watched.
The Red Queen - A Mayan Mystery
If you love a great story and have a deep fascination with ancient cultures like I do then this is a must watch.
It's pretty fucking cool to learn about some bad ass Mayan ladies.
Now my nails!

Sephora X - Melodramatic // Zoya - Neely // MoYou London - Fairy Tale Plate 02

These nails have nothing to do with the Mayans but I think they're still pretty kick ass.
Neely stamped beautifully over Melodramatic and I love how the algae spreads.
Reminds me of the connections in our brain in an odd sort of way.

Next Wednesday, I have some exciting news happening on the blog so make sure to stop by.
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I'll be seeing you on Monday!

xo, D.

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