Friday 4 July 2014

Dorothy Does Canada Day

Happy Fourth of July American friends!
Hope you're having beautiful weather where ever you are so you can go out and celebrate.
And you know, if it's not so nice, just stay inside and watch Independence Day.
Over-rated? Perhaps. But I love it. Just try this: 
take a shot (drink responsibly kids) every time someone does something patriotic or every time
you see an American flag. Even if you can't spot anything at first just wait until the President's speech.
You might need to be double fisting at that point.
Oh, and take one for me when the alien has his monologue. That's my favourite part.

Now onto the mani!
In the spirit of patriotism let me show you what I wore for Canada day a few days ago.

piCture pOlish - Dorothy

 Girl, let me tell you. This polish does it for me.
The bottle has a lot of silver in it but once you start painting it goes
into this bright red hue with the most wonderful pink undertone.
She applies like butter and she's a stunner.

To jazz this up I decided to use the classic Essie - Blanc.
Then I splattered and taped to my hearts content.

Enjoy the rest of your day friends.
Let me know what you think and I'll be seeing you in a few!

xo, D.

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