Sunday 18 August 2013

Fierce & Melodramatic Saran Wrap

Hey there!
So recently I received a couple of new beauties from a dear friend of mine.
While we had our picnic and relaxed in the grass she told me she hadn’t known what colours to
get me so she ended up just going with my favourite – purple. Smart girl ;)
Both colours were gorgeous so I just had to pair them together.

On the left we have Melodramatic & on the right we have Fierce.
My camera hates photographing neon polishes so Fierce is actually a much deeper plum
purple and Melodramatic is a deeper pink. There’s another shot below that does them more justice.

Both polishes are made by Sephora & are apart of their neon collection.
These were really easy to work with and they dried not only quickly but also
to a really interesting finish – sort of matte but with shine.

I was originally wanting to do a stamping manicure but after my first attempt I realized that
my plan wasn’t going to work out. So I went to a technique I haven’t done in a while: saran wrap!

After “saran wrapping” I felt like it needed a little more so I added some fun decals from
the Born Pretty Store & I also added my Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat.


Even though this wasn’t the look I was initially intending I really fell in love with it.
It reminded me of cloudy nights and fog. A perfect magical purple-y mist.

Thank you to Jenn for spending a lovely summer day with me and, of course, for these beauties!
I already have ideas buzzing around for how else I could use them.
That’s it for now friends.

Much love, D.

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