Sunday 4 August 2013

Barry Fruit Gradient

Hello there!
Today I have another Barry M mani to share with you guys.
But! As awesome as this mani turned out there were definitely mishaps while I was trying to finish.
Originally I was wanting to do a tape manicure but then I came to discover that I had no tape. After deciding on a new direction and doing my base colour I accidentally spilled my gigantic glass of water all. over. my desk. But it wasn’t just my desk (because you know this would have had to have happened to someone else for it to only affect my glass desk). It was my papers, my slippers, my mom’s slippers, my carpet, my fan, and, the cherry on top, my phone. And of course I messed up a bunch of my nails because they weren’t completely dry yet. Once I’d sunk my phone into a bowl of rice and cleaned up what I could I got this manicure started and got back on track. Here's what I came up with:



I should also mention that as I was moving a chair my lap top charger got caught in the legs and my lap top came crashing down off my desk.
But don’t worry – I caught it. Basically it’s a miracle that this post is even up.



This time around I used Barry M in Lychee, Papaya, & Dragonfruit.
I love how these colours pop and really make a statement. Fruity wonderfulness.


So what do you think? Was this mani worth all the hassle I had to go through? Let me know!
That’s it for now friends. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Much love, D

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