Thursday 2 October 2014

31DC 2014 Gallery

Hey all! So this will be my last post until next week - October 10th.
I'm taking a week off from posting to refill my creative juices and to destress.
When I come back I'll be doing a series of Halloween inspired looks and I'll try to
do some tutorials as well. Oh! And it's my 2 year blogiversary on the 11th so stay tuned for something special. 
I also have a guest post in the works and there's a Thanksgiving mani to do
so October will be a busy month for me! Lots to look forward to.

I wanted to do a comprehensive post on all the looks I did for the 31 day challenge so here it is.

That's all of them! I can't choose one that's my favourite. 
But my top five is my mermaid mani, my yellow polka dot mani, 
my floral inspired by a book mani, my delicate print mani, and my last floral mani.
Which are your favourites?? 

With that I'll be off. 
I'll see you in a week! 

xo, D.

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