Friday 31 October 2014

Pumpkin Tarts

China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer // Essie - Tart Deco
piCture pOlish - Aphrodisiac // BM - 305

Happy Halloween everyone!!
I've always loved Halloween - it's a chance for everyone of all ages to have fun
and there's really no rules. You can stay in and watch a scary movie, you can trick or treat,
you can set off fireworks, or you can go out and dance with a strange person dressed as a superhero.
I feel like Halloween has a little something for everyone.

This nail art isn't what I'm actually wearing today for Halloween (stop by on Monday!)
but I wore this over a few days and loved the Halloween-y-ness of it all. 

I had yet to use a stamp for my mini Halloween series so
I figured it was the perfect time to use one of my Bundle Monster plates.
Pumpkins and haunted houses, oh my!

So that's it my friends! I hope you have a great and safe Halloween night.
Go and get your freak on, whatever that may be.
And if you're dressing up let me know what you're going as!

xo, D.

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