Wednesday 6 February 2013

Sultry Valentine


So here we go, part one of my triple shot of love challenge.
For this look I wanted to use darker colours because
that's what I picture when I think "sultry".

 But I kept it PG, I swear.

First, I was thinking about having a different song go along with
each theme so here is Darlin' Darlin' by Pillowfight to set the mood.

Now on to the nails!!

I figured it was the perfect opportunity to use   
OPI - Stay The Night from the Mariah Carey collection.
Special shout out to InJeebWeTrust for lending me this polish, I was dying to try it.
I also used L'Oreal Paris - After Hours on each of my ring fingers.

I love them. The texture of the liquid sand is awesome. 
& that sparkle!! I die.

Let me know what you think!

xo, D


  1. The heart is so perfect! <3 Good choice of red, totally compliments the liquid sand.
    I really like the song too. Almost finished downloading the album :)


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