Saturday 2 February 2013

Logan + Birthdays

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday and we're continuing the celebration tonight so I knew I needed to do a special mani for the weekend.

I asked him for inspiration and all I got was that he wanted me to use my Zoya - Logan since it shares his name. I was left on my own after that. 
Logan is a beautiful deep shade of green with lots and lots of gold and light green sparkle.
I spent a lot of time just trying to figure out what colours I should accent it with because I really did NOT want it to go Christmas-y.
I ended up pulling out my dotting tools and doing a side french in 2 colours: Wet n Wild Fast Dry - Silvivor and Wet n Wild Megalast - Bird Bath.
Take a look see and let me know what you think!



1 comment:

  1. Cute! I love the little dots. And Logan is such a cool colour.


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