Friday 27 June 2014

B&A: Model City - PB & J

Hey all!
Remember a few posts ago when I said I'd share the other half of my recent Model City purchase?

Well here she is - PB & J

So there's something quite fantastic about this polish. When I got the bottle all I could
obsess about was the amount of rainbow coloured goodness! SO SPARKLY.
My magpie senses were tingling.

Then upon application I was wowed by the colour.
Purple is my favourite colour so this was just perfect for me.
Jelly, jam, whatever you call it, this was spot on.  

After oo-ing and aw-ing for a good hour I decided to see what else I could do...

Sally Hansen - Raspberry Race // MoYou London - Fairytale Plate 05

I used a pattern off of one of my newest MoYou London plates and I
was really happy with it because you could still see all that fantastic glitter.
Covering it all up just felt like a sin.

So that's it! For me this polish is a win but I'm curious to know what you think.
Don't forget to go get some of your own Model City Polish here.
Have a great weekend friends!

xo, D.

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