Sunday 21 September 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014 Day 21: Inspired by a Colour

American Apparel - 7th and Alameda // Finger Paints - Shower With Flowers
MoYou London - Fairytale 02 // Sally Hansen - Pink Blink

The prompt for day 21 was " Inspired by a Colour". 
So I picked a polish - Finger Paint's Shower with Flowers.
A glitter made up of green circles, hexes, and bar glitters. I love the little holo sparkles too.

I've used the rain drops stamp on a manicure before but I've been dying to use the rainbow
that was right above it on the plate. This felt like the perfect opportunity.

Day 21 is complete. Did I do the prompt justice?
Let me know!
And I'll see you tomorrow with "Inspired by a Song".

xo, D.

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