Sunday 28 September 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014 Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

O.P.I. - My Vampire is Buff // A England - Rose Bower
MoYou London - Sailor Plate 06

Hey all! So there's only a few days left in the 31 day challenge
and today for 28 I had to draw inspiration from a flag.
I decided to combine both the Polish flag and the Canadian flag since 
they share the same colours and they both represent my heritage.

I didn't want to do anything too literal so I picked this funky pattern
off my MoYou London plate and repeated it across all my nails.

I think this turned out pretty good. Simple and chic.
Let me know what you think!

The next few days of the challenge are inspired by "the supernatural", "a tutorial",
and "honour nails you love". So, I'll see you tomorrow with something super natural-y... ha.

xo, D.

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