Tuesday 9 September 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014 Day 9: Rainbow

Sally Hansen - Butter-fly Stroke / Sonic Bloom / Jade Jump / Disco Ball
Joe Fresh - Turquoise // Cult Nails - Be Loco
BM - 312 // Esse - Licorice

Welcome to Day 9! Rainbow.
I was a little torn about what to do for this prompt but then I saw
this manicure by In Jeeb We Trust I knew I had to put my own twist on it.

These came out exactly how I had them pictured in my head.
Base colour, glitter bomb, stamp, and viola! Rainbow magic.

Day 9 is complete. A big thank you to Gee for the inspiration.
Couldn't have done it without you gurrl.

Stop by tomorrow for "Gradient" :)

xo, D.

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