Saturday 6 September 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014 Day 6: Violet

Joe Fresh - Faded Violet // Nfu Oh - 51 // OPI - Matte Top Coat

Quick post today for Day 6: Violet.
I wanted to do a technique that I haven't done in a while: Saran Wrap,

This look doesn't scream complicated but it took a few steps.
First I used a base of Faded Violet, then I saran wrapped with Nfu 51, 
and then I mattified the whole thing. 
I also threw on some bows on my trigger fingers to make things a bit more fun.  

So that's it! Tomorrow is "Black and White" 
and I think it's my favourite so far so make sure to stop by!

xo, D.

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